Supper Club Report – Sunday 3rd April 2011

Posted on April 3, 2011


Had Fr Peter patented his Supper Club idea, he could now be poolside in a clerical one-piece, living off the royalties from the hit television series Come Dine With Me – or perhaps he would prefer to stay in Southgate and provide the narration? Thankfully, we have the benefit of both Fr Peter and his excellent idea, which enables members of the congregation to meet and socialise – whether they are part of the 8am, 10am, Evensong or weekday ‘crowd’.

After many years of (nearly) demolishing family heirlooms and (nearly) staining beige carpets with red wine in homes across the length and breadth of the parish, Cathy and Hazel promoted me to the position of Group Co-ordinator and, as a result of my new responsibilities, it was with some trepidation that I hosted my first supper.

The close quarters added to the party mood!

Philip and Joan Way, Pat Atkins, Joy and Mark Green, Henry Lamprecht and I are the party animals of Southgate – March 5th was the first date in our diaries in 2011 when we all had a free evening!

Before everyone arrived I felt slightly disadvantaged by the size of my accommodation – no space for a coffee table to display intellectual looking books and magazines that are never read – and our dining room is so small that we could not accommodate the burner for Philip Way’s renowned crepes! However, we managed to fit everyone in and the close quarters rather added to the party mood. I must say, the bring and share approach has considerable benefits especially for people like me, who are lousy cooks and hate washing up. We noshed through a fabulous California salad, lamb stuffed with apricots and a ‘surprise’ pudding by Joan Way – who chose to keep the recipe close to her chest (but between you and me was a sort of l’Espagnole with rum rather than wine – quite delicious). Unlike the television programme, nobody awards points at the end of the mean, nor did the guests go around our house poking their noses into our closet and rummaging through our drawers.

We have set dates for the rest of the year and are looking forward to our next supper. Joy and Mark are even planning a ‘rum tasting’ (Joan’s pudding gave us all the taste for more). I would like to thank my group for being such wonderful guests and Henry for cooking the fab main course.

If you are not a member of a supper group at Christ Church Southgate, you don’t know what you are missing – speak to Cathy or Hazel if you are interested in joining. If you don’t have a supper club system at your own church – thing about setting one up!