From the Archives – Celebrating 150 years of the Choir of Christ Church Southgate

Posted on October 31, 2012


In the run up to our special Anniversary Concert, we’ve launched an appeal for current and former members of the choir to send us photos and stories from the last 150 years! Our facebook page has been buzzing with gossip since our appeal was featured in the Enfield Advertiser and Gazette! We’ve also been featured in the Enfield Society and Edmonton Hundred Historical Society Newsletters.

Hairstyles have been a particular talking point; particularly Ian ‘Masher’ Winton’s beautiful coiffure and Adrian Hill’s wonderful mane in this photograph of a trip to York Minster in April 1972:

The Choir of Christ Church Southgate at York Minster – April 9th 1972

Martin Neary’s fringe, as seen in this photograph courtesy of Sonia and Graham Knight, has also been deservedly ‘Liked’.

Martin Neary

Mabel Geeson saw red when we reminded her of the scarlet cassocks that the Ladies Choir were asked to wear; beautifully modelled in this photograph from the 1970s. On joining the choir with some friends from the Chandos Opera Company, Mabel recalls how ladies were not permitted to sing in the stalls; having to perch on the pews at the front of the nave.

The cassocks were banished to a more (appreciative?!) home after Mabel suggested a suitably colourful Christmas repertoire, including “When the Red Red Robin…”, much to the Director of Music’s chagrin.

The Christ Church Ladies Choir (in Scarlet!) – 1975

A young Mick Meur makes an appearance in this photo from 1958 at Brereton Hall, Cheshire, with Choir Master Peter Branker and the Reverend B Wardrobe – an appropriately named member of the clergy as it happens; rumour has it that on one trip to the choral course at Brereton a wardrobe was pushed through a first floor window!

The Choir of Christ Church Southgate at Brereton Hall, Cheshire – Low Sunday 1958

We’ve been busy rehearsing Bach’s B Minor Mass since September and are looking forward to performing it on 25th November at 6.30pm. It’s the biggest work that most of us have ever performed! Please help us to publicise the concert by telling all your friends! Don’t forget you can buy tickets after the Sunday 10am service or online by credit or debit card by visiting Plus – don’t forget to ‘like’ our facebook page, to get loads more info about the pieces we sing in church straight to your ‘news feed’ –