Thanks for the memories! 150th Anniversary Exhibition

Posted on November 29, 2012


We were delighted to make the front page of the Enfield Gazette

We were delighted that in addition to The Spire, the Enfield Gazette as well as The Enfield Society and the Edmonton Hundred Historical Society featured our “call for memories” in their publications; and as a result we have been inundated with photographs and stories charting the history of the choir.

Some of the material we have collected was put on display during the interval of our special concert – but we are still following up contacts, especially from people who are able to put names to faces in some of our group photographs.

A big thank you to everyone who has responded!

Fred and Harry Miller – June 1926

The earliest photo we have of members of our choir came courtesy of Diane Kirk (nee Miller) who copied this photograph from June 1926. On the left is Diane’s dad, Fred, aged 10. On the right is her uncle, Harry.

Diane explained how her Dad and uncle were both bellringers as well as being in the choir. They used to ring the bells and run down the stairs to sing! Diane also had a copy of our earliest ‘group’ photo but her copy was annotated – so we now know that this dates from Sunday 21st July 1929 and was taken on the occasion of the final sermon given by the Bishop of Willesden, William Perrin, who preached at Christ Church that morning.

Sonia and Graham Knight sent us many photos via our Facebook page, including some group shots from the 1950s and 1960s that help to fill in gaps in our collection, as well as many less formal photographs from choir tours and trips, including one of a youthful Martin Neary.

Sonia and Graham Knight contributed this photo of the choir from the 1950s.

Our 150th anniversary has inspired our quest to record the history of our choir – a task that will most certainly continue into our 151st year!