Decani triumph in the Annual Choir Rounders Championship 2013!

Posted on July 4, 2013


Decani - the winning team!

Decani – the winning team!

For the first time in years, Grovelands Park was bathed in sunshine for the annual Choir Picnic and Rounders Championship, organised by Kat Gourd. Members of the choir, supported by Mums and Dads, split (roughly) according to stalls, with Decani captained by choral scholar Sophie Hammer and Cantoris captained by our bass scholar, Mitchell Lloyd. After winning the toss, Decani went to bat, eventually declaring on ten rounders after particularly impressive scores by Dave Hinitt, Erik Andreoli, and the pro-mother and daughter team of Alexandra and Angie Rogers.

Cantoris - the Runners Up!

Cantoris – the Runners Up!

After the break Cantoris, despite benefitting from the power of Big Daddy Marriott and brilliantly executed rounders by Ming Xiu, Sarah Tobin and Maria Long-Somerville, with Claire Edwards and Ella Marriott adding respectable scores, clocked up 7.5 rounders in reply – largely in half point measures, due to Dec’s effective fielding, co-ordinated across the pitch by Nicola Carver and Alexandra Rogers, who thoroughly deserves a special mention as ‘Person of the Match’. After a delicious tea of strawberries and cream and more than a few challenges to my addition of the scores by mathematician Mitchell Lloyd, play resumed in the return match.

In the quest for victory, things began to hot up, with Cantoris improving their tactics in the outfield; Ella Marriott and Maria Long-Somerville both catching out their respective children – but this only served to encourage Decani to greater speed and agility – the multi-talented Florence Butterfield flew around the pitch whilst simultaneously explaining the rules to Eleanor, her German exchange partner, with Dec clocking up another ten rounders before a dog in the picnic stopped play. After de-dogging our dinner, Cantoris took the bat for the final innings; the Mums and Dads finding their second wind as they recalled their exhaustive Friday night training (the “Café Rouge Dash” and the “Cherry Tree Chase”). A be-hatted Richard Brain made it to second base scoring half a rounder before being stumped at the first by Alex Rogers. The game concluded Cantoris 19, Decani 20 and a good picnic was had by all.

A good picnic was had by all!

A good picnic was had by all!